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Friday, November 30, 2012

How Do You Explain Why Santa Doesn’t Visit Everybody?

Now that my son is 4 going on 5, he is very inquisitive. When we talk about Santa coming, I mention that we also need to go through the toys and donate ones to other children who aren’t so fortunate. We do this every year to not only make room for all the new things he is getting, but  to also teach him about giving to others less fortunate.

My husband agreed and stated that we need to be generous and give to those children who may not get toys for Christmas.

My son asked the question we should have seen coming, but didn’t – “How come Santa won’t bring toys to them? We’re they bad?”

Ouch. My husband and I look at each other and stammer through some lame answer like, “Well, they may just not get as many as you do” or something like that and changed the subject fast till we are better prepared to answer a question like that.

But how do you answer that question?

I want to teach my son about others who are not as fortunate, but how do you teach that kind of empathy without getting too detailed or "spilling the beans" so to speak?

How do you explain Santa not getting around to some children without contradicting yourself?

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