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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enslaved Children Freed After Being Forced to Make Christmas Decorations

I saw this news video that shows where a group of children were recently freed from a prison of child labor where they were forced into making cheap Christmas decorations for us here in the U.S.

Please read the article below the video s it provides more information.

I was horrified to hear this. It’s not the first time I had heard of child labor, but watching this video made it more real for me than just reading about it. I may never pick up another Christmas decoration without thinking of the little hands who may have made it.

To think that these young children are being stolen or sent off by their own families, enslaved, trafficked, abused and forced to work 19 hour days in terrible conditions made me cry.

I thought of my own child and how fortunate we are. Why is this allowed to continue? Instead of fighting over oil, land and religion, why aren’t we using our powers to free these children, who are all around the world and educate people?

Starvation, homelessness, slavery, abuse – all things that still continue today in the 21st century. And we think we’ve come so far.
How sad and disappointed God must be with us.

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