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Thursday, December 20, 2012

FaceBook and the Who Has More Likes Issue

If you have a Facebook page and you post things about your life, your kids and such, do you get many likes or comments?

Do your online friends seem to get more responses than you do? How does that make you feel?

I have a personal page along with my business ones, but I only have about 115 “friends”. Now in the real world, not the virtual one, 115 seems like a lot. However, I notice that in the virtual world of Facebook, 115 is a pretty sad number. When I look at the number my online “friends” have I am blown away. I ask myself, “Are they really, truly friends with all these people? Do they really physically talk with these people ever in public? Do they even know all these people?”

I admit I have refused friend requests on Facebook from people who won’t even give me the time of day in person. The only reason I can think of that they want to be “friends” is to either be nosy or just bump their friends counter up on their page.

See, the people I have on my list are people I have actually stopped and talked to. Many are from the racetrack where we race, some are old work acquaintances, but most are people I like and enjoy talking to and spending time with….in person. They ask about my family or racing or work and I ask about them. They are nice people. They are people I would feel comfortable inviting into my home.

I have noticed that on Facebook I see people who have a gazillion “friends” and they can sneeze online and they will get 50 God bless you’s, but most of the time when I post something important or a cute picture of my son, I’m lucky to get 2 likes and on occasion 1 or 2 comments.

What’s up with that? Should I worry that my friends don’t think as highly of me and my posts as someone else’s constant online babbling? Is it because I don’t feel the need to comment on every thought that passes through my head, (I thought that’s what Twitter was for? But that’s a whole other talk show) or is it just a law of averages? The more that see the post means the more that comment.

I like to think that it’s the latter. At least that’s what I am telling myself so as to not get a complex about not having friends who care. See, what I have found out is my friends on Facebook are nice people, with busy lives offline. They don’t need to get on Facebook every waking moment to share they have a headache, nor to comment on someone else’s headache.

They are real friends in the real world living real lives. The kind of friend that would be there if you called them up on the phone and asked them for real help, not a thumbs up online or a smiley face behind an abbreviated sentence. They would be ringing the doorbell, with hands out and I feel so blessed that 115 of them is pretty close to the number of those who would be standing outside our door.

Where do you rate on Facebook? Do you get a million responses to your comments and photos or do you slide in under the radar for most friends and are you OK with that?

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