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Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Do All Parents Love Their Children?"

I was asked a hard question this morning by my 5 year old: "Mama, do all parents love their children like you love me?"

I paused and thought for a moment whether to tell him the truth or a sweeter lie. I chose the truth.

I bent down and told him that no, unfortunately not every parent loves their children. That there are some bad people in the world, but there are more good people than bad and we must be a light to shine for others to follow.

Then I told him that I have always loved him and always will, no matter what.

Typical of little boys, he rolled his eyes and said, "I know" and walked away.

Telling the truth to our children may not be easy, but we must prepare them for the world outside of our homes and to show them the difference.

What hard questions have you been asked by your children?

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