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Sunday, May 12, 2013

To All Moms & Who Wish to be Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all you lucky moms. To those of you who are still waiting to be moms and feel left out, please allow me to share with you my thoughts. 

Not that long ago I was a woman who did not fit in on Mother's Day.

I dreaded when that day rolled around.

I felt so excluded, so cheated. I would rather be alone on Christmas than to face Mother's Day.

See I had no mother, she died when I was young and I had no children, with no hope of ever having any.

You can't get much farther away from celebrating motherhood than that.

Then God answered a long given up on prayer. A prayer I stopped praying because I received no answer. I took God's silence to mean, "No." When really it was, "Wait".

My son is a complete miracle from God. And I thank God for my miracle every day of the week and twice on Sunday's.

So for all you moms out there, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and I am so profoundly grateful to be celebrating with you.

But to those who hearts still break, either from the loss of a child or the loss of never having a child, I am weeping with you. I know how that feels and I wish and pray that each and every one of you has your prayer answered.

It may be of little comfort to read this, but I do know God has a special plan for all of us if we just let Him. If we just trust Him.

Maybe He will make you a mother someday. Whether it be one of your own or through fostering or adopting. He may even use you to help children through other means like teaching or volunteering or advocating for them - being a voice for them. I don't know. There may be other ways He wants to use you in the lives of children.

Just don't give up. 

Ask God to help you hear and wait for His message. Ask for His guidance in what to do and to not be afraid to follow what He is calling you to do.

I know there is a place out there for you. God has a place for every one.

Don't sit idly by. Go out there and get involved. There is a child somewhere who does not have a mother and is waiting for someone like you to fill the void. You are needed and wanted.

I taught children in the field I was experienced in and found great joy in helping children overcome fears and problems and watched them succeed. It helped me fill the void even if only a little.

Be the answer to someone else's prayer while you wait for your prayer to be answered. And God will answer yours in His time. This I know for sure.

Happy Mother's Day both today and in the future!


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