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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday: What Are You Dreading Today?

Good Morning! Another week. Are you feeling happy or are you filled with dread as this new week gets rolling?

Is there something you are dreading today? Why?

When we dread doing something, whether it be something as small as doing the dishes or as daunting as facing an unpleasant boss, how we perceive our situation will make all the difference in how easy it will be to accomplish.

With the everyday tasks like doing the dishes, the laundry or cleaning the house, taking the attitude of being grateful for the food we have, the many clothes we have or the children that fill our messy homes, causes us to look at those chores in a different light. 

If we have lots of chores, chances are we have lots of blessings. As we become more grateful for the causes, the chores become easier.

Maybe you are dreading something bigger, like a work related challenge. If we face a challenge head on, with boldness and do it first thing, then we can overcome it much easier. Most problems or challenges are best dealt with facing them head on, not slinking around them or putting them off. 

So make a decision to get the tough jobs out of the way first thing. Then the rest of the day and the rest of your week will be a lot easier. You will also find yourself coming out a bit stronger than when you went in. Be bold today.

What are you going to overcome today?

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