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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Not Waving Goodbye Hurts

The entire month of January 2014, the MOB Society (for mothers of boys) will be offering hope for the messiness of motherhood as they address real reader's feelings of failure as a mom. Join us!

It was another typical morning. Lately all my son wants to do is fight, argue, complain and whine. UGH!

I know all children go through this, but when it is you going through it, you feel like you are the only one.

This morning it was over breakfast and not doing the things he knows he has to do to get ready for school. Then there is the lying. It’s more like fibbing because it’s small things, but I fear lying over little things like, feeding the dog part of his breakfast when he thinks I’m not looking and then lying about it when I confront him, may lead to lying later about drinking, smoking and worse.

I know it’s quite a leap to think that, but I value honesty very highly and as small disobedient acts become easy, then disobeying on a larger scale doesn’t seem that hard.

Then at the bus stop his bad attitude towards another child who he just happily played with the other day caused him to have to get reprimanded by me. So when he boarded the bus, sat down and looked out the window, he didn’t wave and didn’t smile like he always does – he just stared at me like he hated me. And my heart broke…….again.

I know it’s normal. That’s what I’d be saying to another mom right now if she were telling me this, but when it’s happening to you, it’s much harder, isn’t it? It’s hard to see the normalcy, they typical of the age behavior when you are in the thick of it.

So I grab my EnergizingTea that not only lifts me, it soothes my wounded spirit a bit, open my Bible for encouragement (I wonder if Mary ever had to discipline Jesus for misbehaving as a child?) and go on to the MOBSociety. I love this group. It never fails, whatever problem I am having with my son, they seem to be going through the same thing and have such words of wisdom. If you have boys, you need to stop by their site. If you have daughters, they have a sister site called Mothers of Daughters. I think you’ll find they have an uncanny sense of knowing what you’re going through and can offer help.

So, I patch my fragile heart back together and start my long day of work. My heart is heavy, but my husband is right, chances are my son will come home like nothing ever happened as the morning will be forgotten, and I’ll be grateful for his lack of short term memory for once.



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