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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things I Never Thought I Would Say Till I Had Children

Having children makes for some interesting words that come out of your mouth that you just never dreamed you would say.

Here are some that came to mind I have said probably in just the last two days. Feel free to comment and add your own:

“Get back in the house and put some clothes on!”

Upon entering the bathroom and instantly hearing someone yell, “Mom!” I say, “I am going to the bathroom! Unless the house is on fire, no one better bother me!”

“So help me, if I find pee on the toilet seat one more time!”

“Did you poop today?”

“Stop kissing the dog.”

“Get your fingers out of your nose!”

"Whose underwear is this?”

“Hmmm, now what is this stain?”

“How on earth did you get your head stuck in there?”

“God, he’s your child. You sent him to me to raise, so now you can help me do that!”

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