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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Trek Across the Store Aisle to the Big Kid Clothes

It’s kind of exciting when your little one outgrows the clothes in the baby section of the store and you get to explore all the cute clothes in the toddler section. You happily skip through all the cute clothes always buying more than they will possibly wear.

Then the dark day rises and you feel a sense of sadness when you realize dump trucks and puppy dog graphics are on clothes that no longer fit his body or his style. Your head hangs low, your eyes droop and sigh heavily as you sadly cross the store aisle into the…..big kid section. Yikes!

Gone are the cute cartoon graphics and adorable sayings. Also gone are the days when your kid could care little about what you bought for them to wear. Now they hate everything you pick out and you hate their choices just as much.

Next thing you know you are elbow deep into an argument over what is appropriate for them to wear at their age.

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

You are faced with clothes that have ugly graphics, insinuating comments and styles and let’s face it – clothes that are just way too mature for them. Heck, you wouldn’t even wear something as stupid as that at their age!

This is what boy moms face. I notice that girl moms face different, but equally frustrating problems. They are now faced with clothe styles that make their girls look less like the cute, young ladies they are and more like short statured street walkers.

So what’s a mom to do?

Often my first thought is to say, “Fine! Go naked!” but logic tells me winter is coming and the authorities tend to frown on that type of parenting.

So I negotiate a treaty. I give a little and he ends up giving a lot because, well, let’s face it, I’m buying. 

I have found that negotiating a clothes treaty is a lot like two warring nations weary of war and finally sitting down to the table to talk peace.

I try and listen to his case as he pleads for more freedom in choosing his style. Then I look for a middle ground where I compromise a little and he compromises a little, but I stand firm on my moral ground when it comes to some insulting sayings or evil graphics.

Kids as they get older should be allowed to show off their own style and chances are it will be nothing you will like. Let them wear contrasting colors and fabrics. Let them choose silly graphics and sayings as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Let them dare to be different than you in style.

But I do have my limits. Too many children are dressing way too old for their age and too sexy.

Don’t you agree that sexy, revealing clothes only look good on fit, healthy, young adults? Children and old people have no business dressing provocatively. Innocence and class should reign.

Now, help me down off my soapbox.

Kids should dress like kids, not hoochie mamas and gang bangers. So stand firm Mom on saying no to sexy or vulgar clothing for your little rebel!

Then give in a little on the style even if you know that color looks hideous on them. They won’t remember the style, but they will remember how they got to watch you mature from the adoring mother who dressed them funny into the flexible, but loving enough to not to let them wear vulgar clothes type mom. 
They will eventually love you for it. You’ll be too old to remember yourself by the time they realize this, but they will.

Besides, you can fold that cute little shirt up and stick it inside a keepsake box to pull out years later to help you remember the day when he really was that little and how he just loved the shirt you put on him.


Now he says he needs new shoes………..Uh, oh. Here we go again.

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