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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Recipe: Ham, Green Beans & Potatoes in Sauce

This recipe is one of my family's favorite cold weather meal.
It is so simple to make and if you make a lot of it you can freeze it for a quick meal on those hectic days when there's no time to cook.

What you need: 

(1) Package of cubed ham
(1) bag of frozen green beans or two cans
(4-8) raw potatoes cubed
¼ cup onions
1 tsp each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash table blend 
(add more of each seasoning to taste or if making a bigger batch)
2-4 tbsps. butter
2-3 chicken flavored bouillon cubes 

What you do: 

Put all into pot filled ½ - ¾ full of water.
Boil for 15 minutes or until beans and potatoes are tender, stirring occasionally.
Mix up a few forkfuls of cornstarch with milk in a cup, mix well. Make it a consistency thicker than milk, but not as thick as paste and add to boiling pot. This makes the sauce. Stir well. 
It should thicken right away. Remove from heat. 
If sauce is too thick, just add a little water and stir. Too runny and do a mix of cornstarch and milk in the cup again and add till desired thickness.

Serve hot with favorite bread. 

Freeze the remainder for a quick meal. I freeze mine in individual servings by putting them into quart sized zippered bags then all the small bags are added to a large baggie and labeled. Put in freezer. Make sure the food is cool before adding it to the bags as you don't want to melt the plastic.

Then if a family member wants a quick, hot meal, they can just run the bag under the faucet for a few moments, break into chunks and add to a bowl to microwave or add to a pot on the stove with a little water in it and reheat.

It sure hits the spot on those cold evenings.

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